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Well, I... (being dragged behind the bandwagon because my hair is caught in the tailgate)

I dunno. I can't think of anything offhand that I wouldn't answer (though if I honestly can't deal with answering, I'll say so, nicely) -- I just wonder if jumping this bandwagon makes me look like I think there's anything remotely interesting about me? I mean, what on earth would anyone want to know, who doesn't already?

Oh well. Take your best shot. Ask me anything.

(Oh, and, just to see if I could, redesigned my sockpuppet journal, based on the same template Lar used on Kita's. Because I want a big picture of nekkid Xander. Isn't that reason enough?)


2002-05-16 09:56 pm (UTC) (Link)

If you could pick one character to eliminate from the past or present Buffyverse completely--gone, poof, no memory remaining of them or their plot--which would it be? Feel free to give lots of gory details. :-)


2002-05-16 10:22 pm (UTC) (Link)

Glory. *So* much of the nastiness that's gone down in this and last season would be undone if there were no Glory -- or at least would have had the chance to be played through naturally, without all the miscommunication and lying.

Riley might very well still be around. Thus, frankly, keeping Buffy out of my slashy hair. Buffy wouldn't have died, and Willow would have to deal with her power issues slowly, instead of becoming all godlike by bringing her back. Buffy would have had time to deal with her mother's death without apocaypse hanging over her head. Xander would never have proposed to Anya on the spur of the "We're going to die, and if we live surely I'll be all excited about having a future with her" moment. The sicktwisted Spuffy wouldn't have happened, or at least wouldn't have happened this *way*, with Buffy feeling cold and dead and using Spike, and him desperate to keep her so he reinforces it... yadda yadda

I *like* Dawn, but I'd be willing to sacrifice her for no fucked-up Scoobies as they are now. And Dawn *could* come about as part of another plotline.