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Well, I... (being dragged behind the bandwagon because my hair is caught in the tailgate)

I dunno. I can't think of anything offhand that I wouldn't answer (though if I honestly can't deal with answering, I'll say so, nicely) -- I just wonder if jumping this bandwagon makes me look like I think there's anything remotely interesting about me? I mean, what on earth would anyone want to know, who doesn't already?

Oh well. Take your best shot. Ask me anything.

(Oh, and, just to see if I could, redesigned my sockpuppet journal, based on the same template Lar used on Kita's. Because I want a big picture of nekkid Xander. Isn't that reason enough?)


2002-05-16 10:03 pm (UTC) (Link)

If you could *be* a character in a slash fandom. Which one would you be, and why ? m/m or f/f doesn't matter.

Easy answers to #1: Xander. With Spike. With *my* Spike, or a limited number of other people's, not with canon Spike as he is now. His issues are similar enough to mine that they wouldn't freak me (Though I'd have to be Xander with my brain, to some extent. Wouldn't want to lose the desire to make pretty words.) His friends are loyal and loving, if sometimes clueless and distracted, and he inspires a desire to protect and cherish in the sort of S/X fic that I enjoy/write. But he's witty enough and big enough to defend himself and *not* be a cringing pet. And the Spike I love, gets confused and amused and sucked into caring despite himself.

What stimulates you in a partner, male or female ? What is it that, in a moment of conversation makes you go - want !

Accents, and smart, interesting, funny talk. A face -- especially eyes and mouth -- that gets more and more animated with the conversation. Where I can read humor and excitement and dismay, and am as fascinated by watching them as I am by listening.

Not surprisingly, many fannish people (whom I've met) fit these qualities, and so few people I know offline.

Yeah, I've asked everyone this, I won't use it to hit on you - promise ;)



2002-05-16 10:13 pm (UTC) (Link)

Oh yeah -- and he lives in a world where there's external proof that magic exists and there's life after death. Big plus there, no matter that monsters are also real.