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Cold Turkey, Man... the wildfeed for Buffy. Will not read anybody's descriptions of or comments on, the wildfeed for Buffy. I am spoiled by spoilers; I will go no further. I want to be surprised, for once. Just, you know, once.

But hit me with all the Angel stuff you got, because frankly, my dear?


2002-05-20 09:40 am (UTC) (Link)

Well if it helps there was a problem with the buffy wildfeed so it's not up in the usual places (like Leoff's). So you'd actually have to work to track it down.

OTOH there's always the chance spoiler whores won't keep their mouths shut so you might wanna avoid all discussion for a while. I'm a spoiler whore but I won't spoil other people if they don't want to be and I'm just hitting my head at how many people in discussion groups who are doing comments of the "Can you believe XYZ happened??" without spoiler tags. Gah! Stop making the rest of us look bad!