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Still...unspoiled... bwhahahahah

Well, as unspoiled as a spoiler whore who's been reading finale spoilers for months, can be. Haven't read the wildfeed, haven't looked at the screencaps, haven't read anybody's commentary, and have only scrolled the BC&S board without actually opening threads. (Which, yeah. Now that I *care* about being unspoiled, it's disturbing how many people think they're being clever in their thread titles, when they aren't.)

Going home. To Watch Buffy. And write. Whee!

Ooo -- GIP -- by saava!

Re: Been wondering this...


2002-05-23 06:21 am (UTC) (Link)

GIP= Gratuitous Icon Post i.e. one with little or no actual content, made merely to show off one's pretty new userpic.

(These days, with custom moodsets getting more popular, I've even seen GMP -- Gratuitous Mood Post)