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BtVS survey, non-spoilery, gacked from obsessedmuch

Not ready to do BtVS finale reactions yet. Loved, squeed, had nitpicks, was relatively unspoiled for details and final plot twists. Was happily surprised.

1. What ONE thing do you most love about "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer"?

The characters. Even when plot sucks, when I want to wring somebody's neck, when the anvils are dropping right and left, when characters are being *stupid* and in some cases, not themselves (Xander, not Spike), I still love them. It's just there.

2. What are your TWO favorite seasons?

4 (Yes. You wanna fight about it? I'll steal your Barbie head and bury it in the sandbox...) and...er... 1? It should be 2, given the Spikeness of it, and the S/A potential, etc. But in Season 1, I genuinely *like* Buffy.

3. What are your THREE favorite lines (from the show)?

"I wasn't thinking about you..." oh, wait, wrong show.

"Relax. Take your pants off." -- "Those two concepts are antithetical."

(Hey, remember that guy who used to know words like "antithetical" and now doesn't realize he's reading a D&D manual in the Magic Box?)

Okay, spoilery: "I'd like to test that theory..." Gahhh! (end spoilery)

"Your logic does not resemble our earth logic."

I quote Lar: "Note that there is no way in hell to pick three favorite lines. I picked the first three that came to me."

4. What are your FOUR favorite fanfic stories?

The Sands of Time Series by zortified and wolfling.

Night Watch by thete1, debchan and spike21.

The Clockwork Vampire by naughtyspirit.

The Stranger Things series (The Deal, The Arrangement, etc.) by Esmeralda.

5. What are your FIVE favorite episodes?
Hush, Doomed, The Body, The Harvest (Jesse-angst, man), The Zeppo (Though Two To Go/Grave are competing for a slot).

Favourite villain(s):
The Mayor, Angelus, Spike/Dru, Sweet (The Dancing Demon)

Favourite canon 'ship:

Favourite non-canon het pairing:
Anya/Giles (Kiss. Tabula Rasa. Guhhhh.)

Favourite Xander slash pairing:

Favourite Angel slash pairing:
Angel/Wes, with Angel/Spike a close second.

Favourite Oz slash pairing:
Lindsey/Oz. (He just doesn't *work* with any of the BtVS guys, for me. Not enough for me to care for longer than the length of the fic, and less than that if it isn't excellent.) Or if I'm allowed crossovers, Lex/Oz. Guh.

Favourite other m/m slash pairing:

Favourite femmeslash pairing:
Willow/Tara. It's slash, dammit. But if I had to go UC slash, Lilah/Files-n-Records.

Episode that disturbs me too much to watch in its entirety:

Episode that I like despite the fact that many people don't:
All of Season 4?
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