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maeyan wrote God/Lucifer slash.




Okay, it's pg-rated slash, and the colors break my brain, but. Dude. My roomie wrote slash. Non-canon slash! (She's been known to write the occasional canon g-rated shounen-ai piece. But this know. Blasphemous! Sacreliscious!)
I maeyan, I do.



2002-05-29 02:55 pm (UTC) (Link)

Spent ages writing a thing about how much this story sent me off onto thought-tangents, about the value of the christian mythology in certain, more recent movies, and comics.

We're talking "Dogma", "The Prophecy", "The Dreaming" (comic-type offshoot of "Sandman") and the like. And how it is only recently that the christian mythology as such, has been the subject or location for fictionalisation.

And how the use of this dogma as a "mythology" has tempered my antipathy to the christian church. Or if not, at least made me appreciate another aspect of the church, other than the architecture and the music. It is a rich and dramatic story base. I mean... loaded-much or what?

Anyway... it was a very insightfull and slighly stoned comment, which LJ promptly ate! Bastard!

Thank Maeyan again for me, for an interesting, emotional and thought provoking piece.

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