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LJ Formatty question for anybody who's really messed about with it
There's a point when, scrolling back through my own entries, my journal view suddenly defaults to Day-view, vs. "lastn" (aka, the standard scrolling journal page). I have combed the LJ FAQ's for some explanation of what causes this, whether it can be overridden, whether it's a problem with my style, or what, and can't find anything. Arrgh.

I could understand (though would be annoyed) if it broke at the end of the month, or at the end of the year, so you could only see this month's or this year's posts in normal view, and had to go to the calendar to see the rest -- but mine is breaking in the middle of April! Three clicks of the "Back a page" link on my journal, and you hit an entry that kicks you into one-day-at-a-time mode. The date of my ConneXions entries, actually.

Nor does it change based on the date that I created the new journal style, because I changed the style *much* more recently than that.

Help? Meep? I'd *like* to just be able to keep scrolling, right back to the beginning of my journal.

And yes, I could submit the question to LJ_support, but honestly, there's such a "You're an idiot; you should have looked here and done this" tone in many of the LJ development community posts, that the idea intimidates me.


2002-05-30 11:47 am (UTC) (Link)

It does that in everybody's journals.

Trust me on this one. With my wacky "must read every single entry they've ever made before friendsing them" habit and the number of people on my friends list, I know.

The number of clicks you can go back before the view switches does seem to vary though, possibly because some people have it set to 20 per page, some to 15 per page and so on...

I wish there were an override, cause it bugs the hell out of me. Let me know if you find one.