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GIP from the sleeping person
Shut up. I went to bed two hours ago.

But I had to. It's all kita0610's fault. Or possibly avaaricious'.

Re: *hee heeee*


2002-06-01 09:54 pm (UTC) (Link)

Hrrm. Similar as well, now I think of it, to the shot of Scully when she first gets back from being alien-napped, and she's flat on her back on a gurney, dreaming of...whatever freaky Chris Carter dream thing they stuck in the ep.

Anyway, the camera angle was shot as if the cameraman were crouching at her feet, shooting directly up towards her breasts, to make them look as positively moutainous as possible. Known thereafter in our viewing circle of two as "The Gratuitous Giant Scully Titshot."