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I'm a pedantic little tin bastard...

I took the "Which Doctor Who companion are you" quiz, and.... I'm K-9.




You know, if it had asked me if I'm good with computers and can scream well and have red hair, I could've been Mel. I would've put up with being Bonnie Langford. But nooooo.... they had to make the Mel-related questions "Are you interested in physical fitness" (snort) and "Are you into gardening..."

And much as I'd love to be Ace, I don't like blowing things up.

I'm K-9.

I'm going back to bed now. Even though I'm "notatwork."

Edited to add: I have nothing against K-9. As a pet. I just don't want to be him. ORAC, now.... ORAC, I'd be willing to be. Even if I'm just a box of blinking lights and fiber-optic wire that Vila keeps threatening to turn into a drinks dispenser.

Edited again to add: Okay, I change one answer, and I'm Romanathefirst? When the one answer I changed was "Are you interested in marriage?" (On the theory that well, yes. Someday. Moreso than dying bitter and lonely, for instance.) Okay, I guess Romana, as a person who presumably has reproductive organs of some sort (seeing she's an alien, one can but surmise) is more marriage-minded than a dog-shaped computer, but the woman (either version) never had a romance in her entire run on the show, unless it was with the Doctor.

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