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Mixed up vampires

TBQ and Keren both point out quite rightly that Angel(us) draws and paints; Spike wrote poetry when he was human. Having Angel write a poem to Spike or Spike sketching Angel lying naked in bed, doesn't work, and can make you look like, you haven't been watching the show(s).

Though I can see it working in a situation where the author makes it obvious that she's aware of that fact -- for instance, Angel making fun of William's bad poetry, and modern-day Spike challenging him to do better -- or Spike repaying Angel's gift of a naked painting of the two of them together, with stick-figure porn.

Not what I was going to say. What I was going to say was, Joss sort of buggered up his own canon, and confused the newbies, on the drawing!Spike issue. Spike's little shrine to Buffy in the basement of his crypt includes several sketches of her -- so unless they were ones that Angel did, and Spike managed to steal them from Buffy, or rescue them from the mansion/factory-ruins, Spike can at least sketch.

Note that I'm not suggesting people should run with this -- I'm more pointing out that Joss and co. can be just as guilty of muddying their own continuity. Granted, they're allowed, because it's their continuity, or lack thereof -- but it still makes me want to grab somebody and say "Look, we have a group of about 20 diehard fans with eyes, memories, critical thinking skills and in some cases postgraduate degrees. We'll work for free. Please? Please?

Another fanon item that should be banned


2002-06-08 04:28 am (UTC) (Link)

Out of everything that's been mentioned so far, no one has mentioned the one thing that everyone seems to include: Spike microwaving his blood to a suitable temp before he consumes it.

It. Has. Never. Happened. Onscreen. Ever.

IIRC, every time they've shown Spike getting a mug 'o blood, it's been straight from the fridge. Maybe people get confused because of a scene in 'Something Blue' when Buffy hands Spike a mug while saying "Here you go, Sweetie. Ninety-eight point six."

How she or anyone for that matter would be able to heat blood in a microwave without par-cooking it... the smell alone would put you off. (I've worked with blood way back when I was at University. Spent many a time making blood agar plates. Here's a bit of mostly useless info for MP, a cooked blood agar plate is referred to as chocolate agar. Do you think Spike'd like this type of chocolate?)


Re: Another fanon item that should be banned


2002-06-08 11:07 am (UTC) (Link)

You might want to post this over on thebratqueen's LJ, where we're doing up a list of canon/arguable fanon/annoying fanon items!

Though Spike does microwave his blood in "The Yoko Factor." He gets blood out of the fridge that's already in a mug, in "Hush," true, but in TYF, he comes into Giles flat, and is mircowaving the packet of blood he takes from Giles' freezer, as he's talking to Giles. So I think it's more of a "the writers screwed up" issue, than a fanon one.



2002-06-09 09:42 pm (UTC) (Link)

but in TYF, he comes into Giles flat, and is mircowaving the packet of blood he takes from Giles' freezer, as he's talking to Giles.

That's very interesting. I don't recall that scene at all, which surprises me, given the number of times I watch each ep. Perhaps I was distracted by Giles singing. (Okay, I just checked out the shooting script for the scene. Giles singing, mmmm...)
Soon I'll have S4 on DVD, so I just have to force myself to watch that scene again. 'Tis a heavy burden :^)