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What Do Y'all Really Think I've Been Doing With The Rest Of You?

Gee, let's try this again, shall we? Since IE felt the need to crash after I had it half formatted. (People who have other browsers, please don't feel the need to tell me "That's because IE sucks." Duh. I'm at work; I have no choice. Well, aside from Netscape, which you can't honestly tell me is better.)


Semi-amusing answers to the semi-amusing "MP's LJ Friends and Their Strange Behaviors" quiz

Out of 26 people surveyed...

1. Which of these people has had her firstborn child offered to me by a mutual LJ friend?

alexandriabrown 6 votes
kita0610 6 votes
sarabi 4 votes
mcee 8 votes
firesweeper 3 votes

The correct answer was:mcee. Now, if she can guess my middle name, based on repeat public statements that such is in fact my middle name, she might be able to reclaim the wee unborn rugrat...

There's no intent to sow discord between the ficbitches here, whatever 6 people might believe -- so I wish to point out strongly that no, kita, poisoninjest has not offered me your firstborn, nor would I be cruel enough to accept if she did. Even though he's really cute. Judges will allow that it's possible that several people, including sarabi and firesweeper herself, may have at some time offered me firesweeper's firstborn, in the sense of "If you take your insane roommate and leave my home at once, I won't call the police," but we're not going to count that, 'kay?

2. Who was that mutual LJ friend?


The correct answer was:alexandriabrown. Who feels free to give away mcee's unborn progeny at the drop of a Vamp In a Hat. Which you'd know if you'd been reading her journal recently.

Interesting to note that although only six people thought the poor rugrat belonged to kita, 7 people thought poisoninjest was the culprit. What, she's willing to steal other people's babies too? While sarabi would gladly offer any potential offspring of her own, should she get so unlucky, to anyone with a friendly smile and a cat carrier in their hands, she has never offered anyone else's. With the possible exception of maeyan, as mentioned above. And cicirossi has offered me naked spanked vampires and Angel tapes upon occasion, but never infants.

3. Which of these LJ friends shares my mother's first name?


The correct answer was:wolfling. Which anybody who's been reading her journal recently would know, since it was in her quiz, and in the answers thereto. Not going to list the first names of people who don't usually go by them online, but I did pick all people whose names I know aren't Carolyn, for the others.

4. Which of these people has never been my roomie -- i.e. never shared a hotel room/house/apartment with me, even for a night?


The correct answer was:thebratqueen. Who I had the pleasure of meeting at ConneXions, and talking BtVS and Angel for hours, but there was no sharing of rooms in a sleeping capacity, hence, the winner and still champeen.

maeyan has been my roommate through multiple dorm rooms, apartments, hotel rooms, tents, airports, and her mother's living room, for nigh unto 10 years. firesweeper is said mother, who has the charming habit of doing dishes and feeding the cats whenever she comes over to spend the weekend with us. We loves her. sarabi has never been my official, plunk your name on this line, roomie, though we did go to college together. However, there's been a good 8 years of sleeping on dorm room floors, convention hotel rooms, our apartments, her apartments, the Great Hall at Harlaxton Manor... And I got to visit zortified and lovely wife for Christmas/Solstice/assorted December holidays, last year.

5. Which of these LJ friends had a Livejournal before I did?


The correct answer was:cicirossi.

Neener -- thete1 did not have an LJ before me. Blog or bloglike creature, yes, ages before I got mine, but not an LJ. This information is, by the way, available on everybody's user profile pages, if you ever have the bizarre need to look it up. Like, say, for a quiz.

6. Which of these LJ friends lives in the same state as me (no, not denial)


The correct answer was:sabershadowkat. Who is one of several LJ friends who share this great state in which there is in fact little more than corn, despite the protestations of any number of singing animated crows. AKA Indiana.

iroshi lives in Texas. journalkitten lives in Atlanta, GA. benaresq lives in Dublin, you weirdos! And stakebait lives in NYC. This information can also be found on everybody's LJ user profiles, la la la. Granted, sabershadowkat's can't, but mine can, and by process of elimination...

7. Which of these LJ friends have I slept with? (Asked with permission from the correct answer, of course.)


The correct answer was:wolfling. I said several of the questions were mean, misleading, and mean. Wolfling and I were roomies at ConneXions, where they gave us a room with one king sized bed, big enough for two or three fan-sized people, or nine victoriabitters. As mentioned <http://www.livejournal.com/talkread.bml?journal=mpoetess&itemid=64913>here.</a> victoriabitter did not in fact sleep in the bed with us, though there was some rolling around.

Perverts. While she was measuring how many VB's wide the bed was! We only wrote crackfic together. Honest.

The answer that most amused me was loreleif's, who chose herself, and said this. Apparently she's a popular choice, though. Go Lorelei. The criteria here, by the way, was "People I've actually met." Hence the hope that nobody would be insulted by any (incorrect) inference.

8. Which of these LJ friends have I *not* met in person?


The correct answer was:saturn_girl.

maeyan is, as mentioned above and frequently, my roommate. firesweeper is, as mentioned above and recently when I complained about the filthy gay porn y'all keep posting on my friends pages, maeyan's mommy. zortified was, as mentioned above, my hostess last December. There were gay bookstores and Smirnoff Ice and me throwing my back out, and other fun activities. victoriabitter was a noticeable presence at <http://www.livejournal.com/talkread.bml?journal=mpoetess&itemid=64913>ConneXions 2002</a>, and ate all my Turkish Delight. And has yet to draw me vampire porn in exchange, I might add. ;-)

9. Which of these LJ friends have I *not* co-written with?


The correct answer was:karenbear

No one guessed zortified or wolfing. Good. *Patpats* readers. victoriabitter was the evil, sugar-freaked genius who seduced loreleif, nakedwesley, wolfling and self to write The Late Bus, Too-Much-Sugar, Connexions Slash Con, Elliptical Lord of the Rings Orgy Crackfic. And maeyan was one of two co-authors on the disturbingly long, unfinished ST:TNG/Dr. Who crossover parody, still to be found lurking around my site, to this day.

Leaving karenbear, who's never been insane enough to write something with me. Yet.

10. Which of these LJ friends is really me, in disguise? (No going to their journals look it up!)


The correct answer was:crackedverse. My dummy journal, used for playing with design, and holding character icons for an LJ-recorded RPG.

Though I can understand why someone might think zortified is me, or vice versa, as we've been accused of having the same brain (actually, we've been accused of sharing a brain with wolfling, thus lessening the chances that one of us has it at any given second by even more) I can assure you that no, zortified is indeed James Walkswithwind. gem225 is Gail, who writes angsty, sexy JAG slash and gives orgasmic LOC. ;-) If there were points for sorta maybe answers, I'd give them for spankdeer, which is a community, not a user. I belong to it, but so do zortified and wolfling. Someday it shall be a story. we think. But there aren't points, so y'all don't get them.

And 2 people think I'm spike21? Dude! I'm flattered. But No. Go read.

So now you know.

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