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Amy is Obsessed

I think this goes without saying.

Amy is an IDE, based on top of its own Software Architecture Model.

Notice how somebody somewhere has named a computer program after every one of us? I think it's because we're special.

Amy is the daughter of Leo and Inez Wong, one of the richest
families on Mars.

This a) explains so much and b) sucks -- I want my allowance!

Amy is currently working on writing music for her new album called "Fire Ice And Amy".

No, Amy is currently editing the opening scenes of the Angel Virtual Slash Season. But good try. We have some lovely parting gifts for you. Please take your Lee Press-On Nails and your home version of the game, and move along.

Amy is an American citizen who 'vanished' while aboard a foreign vessel in international waters.

Sadly, true. Not me, but it's from an actual missing persons report.

Amy is stunned when she is served with impeachment papers.

Well, no. I used to be, but now that it's an everyday occurance, I usually just nod and invite the summons server to join me in the hot tub.

Amy is a white female, 5'6" tall, 115 lbs.

Why yes. Yes, I am. I also have sparkling jade eyes, burnished copper hair, and I'm Lilah Morgan's telekinetic ex Karate instructor.

Amy is pissed off and wants to leave!

See item one.

Amy is an 8 year old Yorkie.

Whether this is true or not depends on if you're gonna give me that biscuit. Also, how nice your lap is.

'Amy' is sexy and funny

Thank you. Though I think you mean another Amy. Or someone else entirely. Hence the quote marks around the name. You really mean "Bernice" or something.

Amy is almost as well known for her unbelievable wall-of-voice as she is for her magnificent balance while climbing bar-furniture.

*looks around nervously* I wasn't in Milwaukee that night.

Amy is MY HERO!


With four activities in the shareware version and three more when you register, Amy is a perfect pal for a preschooler.

I think I resent the implication that I can be downloaded from CDNet. Possibly.

Amy is wearing her best dress, and is on her best behavior, which isn't easy, since like most redheads, she sometimes has a bit of a temper!

Heee! Yes'm. Except for the dress part.

Amy is a refined, sexy Grad student in LA

Yes. Yes, I am. Note that this is from a Viagra ad....

Amy is NOT a solar physicist or astronomer.

True. I'm a refined sexy 115 lb. Grad student in LA with sparkling jade eyes, burnished copper hair, and Lilah Morgan's phone number tattooed on my ass.
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