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Tiny amusements...

Text message convo with viveydoll over the course of 4 hours.

Me: Hey! maeyan)'s on her way! Left 1/2 hr ago. -Amy
(sent an hour after she left, but who's counting)

viveydoll : Uh thanks. She sends greetings.

Me: Phbbblt. Well, had to feed cats, cook dinner. :P

viveydoll : She says as the cats wander around searching for forgotten scraps of yesterday's dinner...

viveydoll : Actually, trying to starve them enough so they'll eat maeyan when she gets home. :)

viveydoll : I think that makes her Cat-Woman. Doesnt it?

{long pause}

Me: Cat-woman is home, and uneaten. I'm trying to encourage them, though.

viveydoll : Try smearing tuna on her. It works in the movies. :p

Me: Perhaps too kinky for a Wednesday. Instead, I shall go back to writing gay porn.

viveydoll : "..."
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