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Survey, then off to answer RPG stuff...

Gacked from witchwillow

Six Things People Probably Don't Know About Me

1. I am actually not a chocoholic; I can take or leave it.
2. I have utterly flat feet.
3. My house is a raging disaster area (maeyan, firesweeper and sarabi, shut up.)
4. I put ketchup on my potato chips.
5. My grandmother used to call me 'Amos.' I don't suggest you try it.
6. My mother is...extremely delusional. Her current fantasy? She thinks she's pregnant. At 57. Possibly with twins. Post-menopause. Any particular reason? I suspect incorrect dosage of Haldol, but only her absentee psychiatrist knows for sure.

Five Hobbies:

Can I just keep Willow's?

1. Writing
2. Web design.
3. Reading.
4. Photo Manip (smut smut smut *mwah*)
5. Whining (this one not stolen from Willow...)

Four injuries I Still Remember

1. Spilling scalding -- just post boiling -- water out of a microwave dish directly onto my stomach, the weekend before I started my freshman year of high school. Blisters, bandages, ow ow ow. I don't like burns.

2. First (but certainly not last) sprained ankle -- eighth grade, lowish heeled shoe, just stepped wrong, it slid under, and wham!

3. Worst sprained ankle -- slamming my car into the back of a horse trailer (being used to haul stuff, not horsies) at about 25-30 mph, foot on brake, at age 18. Actually, July 4th, 1991 -- was on my way to pick up mom for family bbq. Never quite got there.

4. Does the Evil Gallbladder From Hell count? If not, I'd have to go with the last time I strained my back. Which was sometime in February.

Three People I Met Online Before Meeting Them In Real Life (in order of meeting them)

1. zortified
2. wolfling
3. loreleif

Yes. Yes, I *am* boring and predictable.

Two People You Truly Dislike. They Must Be Someone You Know.

1. My boss. Reasons not to be named in a public forum.

2. Said boss' fraudulent, backstabbing, completely incompetent ex-boss, who instigated much resignation around here, among the many other idiocies he perpetrated on our agency before moving on to brighten the lives of all you folks in Washington State.

One Thing I'm Truly Proud Of.

Owning a house, and having financed it without a penny or piece of advice from older, wiser family members.
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