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The fandom/pairing survey

Which by the way was created by buffonia, to reattach credit where credit's due.

What's the first fandom you wrote fic for?

Unfinished and unposted? Doctor Who. Finished and posted? X-Files.

What's the most recent fandom that you've written fic for?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Last completed and posted fic would have been a BtVS/Angel crossover, technically.

What's the title of your first fanfic?

Spring, Like A Virus

Does it suck beyond the telling of it?

Very possibly, yes.

Is it slash or het?

Het. Mulder/Scully. Or possibly Mulder/Scully/virus. (Ooh, early kink.)

What was your first 'ship

Um... ficwise? Show-wise? Show-wise, probably Daisy/Enos. Shut up.

Ficwise, not counting everyone/Mary-Sue, it was probably Avon/Cally, followed shortly by Avon/Blake.

What's your fave 'ship now?

Shhh. Spike/Xander.

What 'ship makes your eyes bleed and your loins turn into monkey guts?

Spike/Xander. As written by 2/3 of the writers out there. Yes, my fannish life sucks. Fuck y'all.

What is your most common fic pairing(s)?

Spike/Xander, Wes/Angel/Gunn (all in the same series, but it's a *lot* of stories).

What pairing did you swear that you'd never write, but eventually did?

Spuffy, even though they're all Spike POV pieces or flashbacks.

What pairing do you swear you will never, ever write, even if your favorite character promised to make sweet love to you in their crypt/hotel/van/haunted apartment/prison cell/flat if you did?

Anyone not underage/underage Dawn. I have no problem with chanslash -- or underaged het, for that matter, though I don't really write het that isn't incidental. 5th or 6th Season Dawn with anybody besides some kid her own age, though... just presses my squick button -- though I could probably handle UST, especially if it's on her part.

What's the wackiest fanfic situation you've put the characters in?

Um. The entire Domestic Piranhas series? Lost in Cordelia's walk-in closet, trapped semi-nekkid in a broom closet, turned into newts and transforming back naked, shopping for wedding presents at a sex toy store, adult S/X in bed while Angel reads "Where the Wild Things Are" to them, twice, a riot in Caritas with everyone demanding to be spanked, a stag movie of Willow and Tara doing their taxes, Spike with a piranha hanging from his Spikehood, X/S walking down the aisle to get married to the tune of Lorne singing "King Tut," at a ceremony performed by Ethan Rayne where Dru is Spike's Best Man (er, co-Best-Man with Buffy) and pulls out a cock-ring instead of the wedding ring on first try, Spike and Xander's honeymoon in the alternate dimension where vampires are in charge, Queen Victoria still rules in the 21st century, and alt!Spike still hasn't let Angelus shag him (possibly the most farfetched concept ever, that last).

Or, you know, that other series, where they touch the tall funky thing and turn into kids. That was pretty weird. ;-)

How many times has magick solved/created the main problem/plot in your fics?

Heeee. Ahem. See above. Actually, the one series that magic *didn't* create/solve the main problem in is Chocolatey Goodness. Unless you count vampirism in general.

What pairing do you hate to admit to actually indulging in, against your better judgement?

Willow/Spike. *Fluffy* Willow/Spike. I was young.

Can you remember the first fanfic you ever read?

Do Star Trek novels count?

Well-meant and awful Dr. Who stories by a high school friend. Followed by not bad Dr. Who stories printed in the Doctor Who monthly mag. Which makes them kinda semi-canon, except for the part where they were all totally ignored and contradicted by the show's canon.

First fanfic that I'd consider to *really* be fanfic was probably Blake's 7 gen or Avon/Cally.

How long have you been involved in internet fandom(s)?

Since I've been on the internet, really. In some form or other. So, since 1994.

Ever written a cross over?

Parody-wise: Doctor Who/ST:TNG/X-Files/Hitchhiker's Guide
Realfic-wise: Angel/Dukes of Hazzard. No, really.

Plus MIB/Domestic Piranhas. Blink and you'll miss it.

Best crossover fic you've read?

Hottest ever has to be Te's BtVS/Smallville (with pivotal X-verse cameo) High Corn Drifter. (Lex/Oz)

Sweetest, Runaway Trains at 3 AM by Christina Kamnikar. Again BtVS/Smallville, this time soft-but-edgy Dawn/Clark.

What pairing do you want to write, but don't think you could?

Long, serious Angel/Spike, with smut.


2002-07-13 07:01 pm (UTC) (Link)

The entire Domestic Piranhas series

I know I've told you how much I love this series. I have found occasion to rec it three times this week alone.

I found I had to take a little side-step the first time I read this series, to get into the mood of the piece. Perhaps because of the nature of the humour, which is perky, and quirky and utterly unique in fandom. And ever since I go and read bits deliberately to put me into a happy place. I actually, and consciously, when feeling grim, read a chapter or two. Instant karma!

Realfic-wise: Angel/Dukes of Hazzard

You're shittin' me!?!


2002-07-13 09:31 pm (UTC) (Link)

A) :D Thankee, ma'am! We aim to... um.. drive people insane.

B) I shit you not. James and I wrote an Angel/Dukes crossover for the ConStrict con zine last year. Or possibly early this year. It's short, it's somewhere between silly and not, and it's Bo/Luke, Angel/thatwouldbetelling.