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Would You, Could You?

In re thebratqueen's post questioning (I paraphrase, hopefully correctly) "If you could trade your writing ability for some specific physical improvement, would you? And if the sacrifice part were left out of the issue and you just got to pick a physical improvement, would you want to be thinnner/taller/smaller-boobed/blonder/etc., or just to have changes made in the world that makes what you are now work better for you...."

I've had that thought, and hell no, I wouldn't exchange my writing/thinking ability to be a size 8. I might trade my ability to touch my nose with my tongue, to be a size 22 again, but even that's a tough call. Basically: right or wrong, having a creative talent does so much more for my sense of value and self-worth than being thin, or even average weight could. Should I base my sense of self-worth on the ability to write a story that pleases others and can sometimes make even me laugh/cry/blush? Probably not, but I think it's a much more valuable thing to share with the world than the joy of viewing a body that looks better than my current one.

Sacrifice aside, if I had the choice between being an average/healthy/attractive weight, and simply having the world change so that my weight is considered average/healthy/attractive to the general public, I'd fall somewhere in the middle. I know damn well that it's neither average nor quite healthy, and only a few very strange people find it attractive -- but I'd certainly vote for an existence that made it easier to get and stay healthy, and a society that didn't make every moment spent not healthy and attractive by its standards feel like a moral failure.


Ok, that said, a more theoretical, less body-conscious question, that I sometimes find myself asking when I see a story I'd love to have illustrations for, or a vid in my head that I'd love to produce, but the clips don't exist for it, and my talent in that area is questionable anyway:

Whatever your talent is -- and you know you have one, so don't bullshit by saying "I'm not a writer/artist/vidder/quilter/danish-maker; I just read/look/watch" -- is there another one you really wish you possessed? Wish for it so much at times that you wonder if you wouldn't trade your current creative gift(s) for that other one?

What if you could trade your current favourite talent for one that's somehow 'better' in scope? Superpowered, as it were. Would I trade the way I write, now, for the magical ability to create exactly the clips I want to make sexy nekkid Spike/Xander songvids, even though those scenes don't exist? Would a visual artist trade her current artistic level for the ability to write scenes that would actually control what happens on the tv screen? (No, Angel -- kiss Wesley now.)



2002-07-22 03:00 am (UTC) (Link)

I do sometimes wish I could swap words for pictures - being able to draw is right up there on my wishlist.


2002-07-22 05:58 am (UTC) (Link)

I wouldn't give up my writing ability for a regular artistic talent, much though I would like to learn how to draw. However the super charged one does have some appeal because my guess is then I could still use something like a writing ability to control what was on the screen.

The long and short of it is that I'd totally flounder without the ability to write stories in my head, so I'd need some outlet for it. But forcing Angel and Wes to kiss in canon - I could cope. But again only if this was giving up, say, fanfic for this kind of super-vidding or whatever you want to call it.


2002-07-22 07:51 am (UTC) (Link)

Though I have often wished for the ability/skills to draw/vid, I would not give up the ability to write to be able to do them. Not being able to write, even if I could do one of those other things would just be... well frustrating would be too mild a word.

As for the magical powers, would I trade the ability to write for the ability to control what happens on the tv screen? That might be a temptation that would be too difficult to resist.


2002-07-22 09:17 am (UTC) (Link)

I wouldn't take the supercharged ones. But then much as I love living in the Buffyverse, I'm a resident alien, not a citizen. Some day I expect to move back into my *own* fantasy life, and when that day comes I would be desolate to have traded my ability to create and share it, just for the chance to have taken over bits of somebody else's. I guess that means I'd make a very bad vampire.



2002-07-22 12:58 pm (UTC) (Link)

the magical ability to create exactly the clips I want to make sexy nekkid Spike/Xander songvids


Playing, as I do, with clips, though sound rather than vid --- What I wouldn't give to be able to make them say the right thing, with the amount of feeling needed for the tune. I'd swop my ability to sing for it... I never use it anyway. (And the shower curtain is tired of my renditions of "Yellow Bird") *g*

...a society that didn't make every moment spent not healthy and attractive by its standards feel like a moral failure.

I've spent too much time being aware that I am viewed as lazy/wrong in some way because I'm fat. I would love to be normal sized. But then, I obviously don't want it enough to *do* anything about it, and so we go on. It's a horrid deep feeling of poison, that people are making judgements about you based on how you look. To change it, on a wish --- God Yes!


2002-07-24 01:10 am (UTC) (Link)

All through elementary school I wished I could draw. I wanted to be an art/drama major when I got into secondary school. I ended up doing drama/music.

I don't know whether I'd want any kind of "superpowered" ability, especially where writing is concerned, but your question did make me think. I'm close to having a perfect ear- I can sing a song pretty much note-for-note after hearing it once- but I have a hard time reading music from a sheet. I know what the notes are, but I just can't translate a dot's position on a line to a sound. I guess if I were to ever want a solo career (*snerk*), I'd make the trade, but as the extent of my singing now is either by myself or in choral groups, I'd keep my current "ability".